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Installation and maintenance tips of architecture hardware

Locks and Security Hardware:

Choose Quality Locks:

Invest in high-quality locks that meet security standards.
Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.
Proper Alignment:

Ensure locks and strike plates are aligned correctly for effective security.
Test the locking mechanism thoroughly after installation.
Electronic Security Systems:

If using electronic access control systems, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring and programming.
Securely mount and protect electronic components.


Check Keyways and Cylinders:

Regularly inspect keyways and cylinders for signs of wear.
Replace worn-out components to maintain security.
Update Access Control Systems:

If applicable, regularly update and patch software for electronic access control systems.
Change access codes and credentials periodically.
Inspect Strike Plates and Latches:

Ensure strike plates and latches are secure and functioning correctly.
Adjust or replace components showing signs of wear.

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